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There can be few businesses that do not need some form of internet presence. At the very least, the ability to send and receive email is something that few businesses can survive without. Other capabilities, such as the ability to host web pages with  company products and service information, and online e-commerce sites are becoming increasingly necessary for many companies.

While few businesses would be able to survive long without some form of internet access, there are risks involved. These range from productivity losses due to email being overwhelmed by spam, virus infections and attempts to steal company data. As a result, any prudent business should look carefully at the security of its internet access, or risk serious consequences.

This is where SME Server can be usefully employed. Based on CentOS, an open-source server operating system, SME Server offers a wide range of features, is cost effective, and provides substantial security. Designed primarily to act as a gateway server between the internet and a company's internal network, it can also be used as a dedicated file server and is capable of acting as a PDC (Primary Domain Controller) in a Windows network.


In addition to these inbuilt features, there are many add-on packages available to further enhance SME Server functionality. A few examples out of the many available are listed below:


For small to medium sized companies, SME Server offers many advantages. The software is free to use (although the authors certainly appreciate donations to help with continued development), so the main cost is the hardware and the expertise to install and configure the server for its intended use.

The ability to set up secure remote administration means that many tasks can be performed without the need for trained company staff to administer the server, and without the need for on-site visits from the technicians who do handle administration. This should help keep costs down and should allow quick response to any problems.

In cases where internal company administration is required, the web-based server administration panel would allow company staff to perform most server related tasks in a comfortable graphical environment, with a minimal amount of training.

Hardware requirements are modest, and once configured, the server machine can be tucked away in a cupboard, without needing either monitor or keyboard. Should expansion be required at a later date, it is relatively easy to migrate the server to new hardware.

All in all, SME Server can provide a company with a flexible server solution without the need for expensive proprietary software.

Should these options sound useful, please feel free to discuss your specific needs with our technicians. We can supply suitable hardware (ranging from refurbished small-form factor machines to multi-processor rack mount servers), install and configure the system to meet your requirements, and provide continuing support.

See here for further information regarding SME Server.