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Brill Computers offers a wide range of services. Flexibility is one of the advantages of a small company, so if there is a service required that is not listed below, feel free to contact us and we will see if we can cover it.

Broadband Supply & Support

Brill Computers is able to arrange supply of ADSL broadband. This requires a BT line and may be subject to a site survey depending on distance from the exchange and other factors. As well as arranging installation, we can supply suitable hardware, install it, configure it and provide continuing support for the service.


Network services include supply of suitable network hardware (ethernet cards, switches, routers,  patch cables, servers), installation, cabling, configuration and ongoing support. Wireless networking is also supported, depending on the physical location.

For business networks, we are also able to supply specialized software and support. See the section on SME Server for further details.


Brill Computers handles a wide range of repairs. We can replace most components, ranging from RAM memory modules to hard drives and motherboards. More specialized repairs can be arranged. Some repairs can be made on-site. Most importantly, we will provide honest information as to whether repairs are worth while undertaking.

System Building

While most computer needs can be satisfied by pre-built systems, for those requirements that are not suitable for available pre-built hardware, we can build systems to order, using carefully selected components.