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There is an enormous range of computer products available. No reseller can hope to be familiar with all of them. As a result, we will only recommend products that we know and trust. Some of our most highly recommended ranges are listed below:


The current, Intel-based range of Apple MAC computers remain fairly expensive. However, they offer a very useful alternative to the standard PC and Microsoft operating system. We sell and support the MAC range for those that would like to explore an alternative computing experience.


Leonovo purchased the IBM PC business several years ago. They are continuing the IBM tradition of producing first quality machines, both desktop and laptop. Thinkpad laptops remain one of the most desirable ranges available.


ZyXel are a major manufacturer of networking components. Their broadband routers are highly recommended for either home or business use.

Refurbished & Second User Equipment

For many uses, refurbished PC equipment can offer a cost effective way of obtaining good quality PC equipment. Brill Computers is able to supply a wide range of quality refurbished equipment.

Unless your needs are for the latest, cutting edge equipment, it may be well worth consulting us to see if suitable refurbished equipment is available.


Brill Computers can supply and support the majority of commercial software. In addition, we recommend a wide range of free and open source software. See the Links page and the Software Alternatives page for further information.