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Free software for Microsoft Windows™

Auslogics Produce a very efficient disk defragmenter amongst other free Windows software
AVG A high quality free virus checker
CCleaner A utility to remove junk files and clean the Windows registry
Comodo Backup A flexible backup package for Windows
Defraggler A thorough disk defragmenter from the makers of CCleaner
Gimp The GNU Image Manipulation program, a powerful graphic editor
Imgburn Free CD/DVD burning software
Libre Office A free, high quality, Microsoft Office compatible office suite
Mozilla Home of the Firefox web browser, as well as Sunbird calendar and Thunderbird mail client 
TugZIP Archive handling utility which handles most compressed file formats

Linux distrbutions

Linux, an alternative operating system, offering high security & a wide range of software, generally available to end users at no cost. If you are interested in exploring alternatives to MS Windows™, feel free to ask about Linux.

Fedora The commnity development project for Red Hat Linux
SalineOS A fast, light weight distribution based on Debian
Salix A fast, light weight distribution based on and compatible with Slackware
SME Server An easy to configure server operating system

Other Links

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